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$1,075 tip: Goodhearted waitress gets massive tip, Jesus note attached to bill - Chicago Top News stone island hat A stone island hat $1,075 tip gave a goodhearted waitress something back both financially and spiritually this week. The Knoxville server, Ms. Khadijah Muhammad, said that she is still stunned and giving thanks for a massive tip one of her customers left her, leaving with it a “Jesus note” attached to the bill. USA Today reports this Friday, Jan. 24, 2014, that while this generous tipper may or may not be the famous “Jesus” tip giver, the gift nonetheless was the hope that this female server required in her time of need. The $1,075 tip was left under a check this Wednesday at Cheddar’s restaurant. Khadijah Muhammad told reporters that she was struggling to make ends meet earlier this month, as her mother had suffered a heart attack earlier this Jan. Having driven out to see her in Ohio cost her quite a bit. "With God's help," she said, "I managed to make it up there driving in the middle of the big snow storm that hit earlier this month. I was able to see her and she pulled through, thankfully." Yet following her return to Knoxville, the goodhearted waitress soon learned that she needed to make a lot of money to make up at work for the time she had taken off. "I've been trying to pick up any extra shifts that I can," she said. On the day she received her $1,075 tip, Muhammad said her morning shift was slow, with one of her tables being a couple and their small child. "They really did not stand out," Muhammad said. "They were just nice folks. I remember talking to them and having a friendly conversation like you would with a neighbor." The overall bill was just under $30.00. Yet when Muhammad took the check, she was shocked to find that the massive stone island hat tip — given alongside a special note mentioning Jesus — was for $1,075. "I just was in shock," she said. The “Jesus tip” carried a message with it as well: "Jesus Blessed us and we were led to give it to you. God Bless!" The goodhearted waitress admitted she has no idea who the very generous tippers were, as she had never recognized them in Cheddar’s restaurant before. However, she hopes to spread their goodness to her in new ways and with others when she is able to in the future. "I just want to thank them. Thank them so much, because I'm humbled. I'm grateful. I do believe that God led you to me at this time in my life," Muhammad added.

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